Yoga for Stress & Anxiety,
Recovery from Trauma,
& Hypermobility

Therapeutic yoga designed to help you:

- Develop a healthier relationship to your body
- Heal from injury, illness, and trauma
- Reduce stress and anxiety
- Practice safely in a hypermobile body

with Liz Chesla, MA, CYT


"Working with you has become the most uplifting and inspiring hour of my week!  I can't even to begin to thank you enough!" ~LP

"Thank you for helping me stretch and grow these last two months. You have helped me to breathe deeper and practice yoga more confidently. Your gentleness is a rare quality and it has been a privilege to have you as an instructor." ~Natalie S.

YOGA & HYPERMOBILITY:: Learn how to practice safely in a bendy body.

TRAUMA-SENSITIVE YOGA :: Learn how to make your classes safe and supportive for survivors.

YIN YOGA :: Meditative practice designed to encourage deep release and restore energy flow. 

TEACHER TRAINING :: Interested in becoming a yoga teacher? Learn more about Anahata Yoga's Teacher Training program.